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Born in France

Klic By is a young and dynamic Israeli brand created by two French girls from Paris. While adopting the codes of high-class jewelry, Klic By keeps a fun spirit in the image of its two co-founders and sets forth a modern and colorful universe.

Our Story
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Anne is a gemologist. After having had a tailor-made jewelry company for few years in Paris, she launched in France a playful concept of personalized cord jewelry where a bar is clipped on specific cords.

Judith, on the other hand, is an IP lawyer with 12 years experience as a legal & business affairs in the entertainment industry. 


So far, nothing foreordained these two in partnering to launch the exclusive concept Klic By, moreover in Israel. But they have known each other since they were 12 and, without knowing it, they planned to leave Paris to settle in Tel-Aviv around the same time. And it is once in Israel, over a drink at a coffee-shop, that they discussed reviving the jewelry concept Anne had developed in France, and enhancing it with new pieces. All under the brand "Klic By".

It started with an e-shop and some pop-up events. But both Anne and Judith have a common taste for challenges, and in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to open their first shop ever.

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