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Exclusive "Klic" concept

Rather than a regular jewelry that is set for good, Klic by offers interchangeable and evolving pieces that you can combine in any way you want.

The Klic consists of a bar, available in several colors and shapes. This Klic opens and closes to be clipped on different types of straps: cords, chains, earrings, rings, etc.

Change your style in just one Klic !

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There s a Klic for everyone

Klic by collection is unisex. This it's suitable for women, men and kids, giving you the freedom of wearing the same model of Klic as your loved one(s) or expressing your own personal style.

There is a Klic for every style and every taste.

Klic multipurpose

With the same Klic, it is possible to create a different piece of jewelry every day: wear your Klic as a bracelet one day, transform your jewel into a necklace the next day. Change straps or combine Klics, the compositions are pretty much unlimited.

One Klic, a multitude of possibilities !

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Concept - Personalize A to Z.jpg

Personalize from A to Z

Not only can you customize your design but you can go way beyond that. Personalize your jewelry even more by engraving the message of your choice. The Klics can be engraved outside or inside.


Be your own designer.

Scalable jewelry

We offer strong and scalable pieces. Indeed it is the very essence of our concept to regularly offer new straps to increase the possibilities of combinations, so your Klic can follow you throughout your life.

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